Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Merging Technologies - the pedigree behind the name

Merging Technologies has a formidable reputation in the professional recording and mastering world, where we have been at the forefront in the development of high-resolution digital audio recording systems for 25 years.

Merging Technologies is the world’s foremost manufacturer of high-resolution digital audio recording systems. Our list of customers reads like a who’s who in the recording industry and recordings made with Merging Technologies’ systems regularly receive the recording industry’s prestigious Grammy® Award. So many in fact, that we have lost count.

The company was founded in 1990 in Chexbres, Switzerland by Claude Cellier; an electronics’ graduate of the Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Prior to this, Claude worked for the famous Swiss audio maker Nagra Kudelski for 10 years. Nagra is well known to music lovers for their audiophile products, but they are even better known in the professional audio industry, where their products are work horses, providing first class audio performance and doing so day in, day out. Legendary among these are the Nagra IV-S and Nagra T-Audio TC analogue tape recorders, where Claude played a pivotal role in their design and development.

Within a short time of its founding, Merging quickly established a reputation for expertise in digital signal processing and associated hardware, and with the Pyramix Virtual Studio, was one of the first companies to produce a DSD recording system. The DXD format, (Digital eXtreme Definition) which works at 352.8kHz/24bit, was developed by Merging Technologies in collaboration with Philips, to overcome the challenges in editing and mastering DSD for SACD.

Driven by the Demands of Professionals

The idea behind MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+NADAC is to allow listeners to finally enjoy Master quality recordings at home, with the same equipment it has been recorded, mastered and validated with. Our current generation of high-resolution converters is drawing praise from even the most demanding recording engineers. Praise from such people is praise indeed, as their reference is the live performance, which they have access to on an almost daily basis.

Download and streaming technology today allows delivery of master quality content to your home. This ensures you can benefit from the exact same experience as the professionals who created those superb recordings, when they signed them off at the last stage of studio mastering.