Listen to what the experts are saying about the MERGING+NADAC

“The opening notes were startling, I had the disturbing feeling that music was actually being made in my room, not merely reproduced.”

Kalman Rubinson - Stereophile

“I was struck by the NADAC’s extraordinarily vibrant, lucid, transparent, and highly three-dimensional presentation.”

Chris Martens - The Absolute Sound, USA.

“I have not heard a clearer and cleaner reproduction of DSD at all levels than that offered by the NADAC.”

David Robinson - Positive Feedback Online, USA.

“Those qualities – solidity of images, density of tonal colors - were present in all the music I played through the NADAC.”

Jeff Fritz - The SoundStage! Network, USA.

“The honesty of the Merging device simply makes it seem like it is playing music totally unconstrained by the electronics.”

Alan Sircom - Hi Fi+ UK

“I was taken aback by how natural the applause, whistling and other audience sounds were reproduced. The clarity and detail was as though NADAC was being used with an external clock although none was actually connected.”

Takahito Miura - Stereo Sound, Japan.

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s: I never heard before a clearer and more detailed reproduction of a DSD file than what NADAC offers through an Ethernet connection. The transparency level is just exceptional!”

Joel Chevassus - Audiophile Magazine, France.

“Merging+Player is the poster child for Roon, although that is not to underplay what the Merging side brings to the party.”

Alan Sircom - HiFi+ UK